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Sector Commissions

The Ministry will seek to realize the cultural sector’s potential, bringing all aspects of the Kingdom’s rich cultural heritage into the daily life of Saudis – it will enrich the lives of the people of Saudi Arabia. Culture is a broad term, and the Ministry has identified 16 priority sub-sectors where it will focus its work. The intention of this is to create a Ministry which can effectively champion causes across the sector. The Ministry will also create 11 new commissions, reporting to the Ministry which will focus on these sectors.

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Heritage Commission

The Heritage Commission aims to create a thriving heritage industry that generates creative locals eligible to partake in national and international events.

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Architecture & Design Commission

The Architecture & Design Commission seeks to preserve the historical heritage of architecture and design in the Kingdom while supporting modern Saudi design identity.

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Culinary Arts Commission

The Culinary Arts Commission aspires to create world-class cultural culinary experiences in Saudi Arabia, regionally & globally.

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Music Commission

The Music Commission strives to build a thriving music industry that celebrates the diverse scene of Saudi music; modern and traditional.  

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Libraries Commission

The Libraries Commission seeks to provide unprecedented access to state-of-the-art public libraries across Saudi Arabia.

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Theater & Performing Arts Commission

The Theater and Performing Arts Commission offers top-notch cultural performances encompassing all regions, preferences, and ages.

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Museums Commission

The Museums Commission preserves and celebrates local heritage and culture in Saudi Arabia through museum exhibitions and associated services.

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Visual Arts Commission

The Visual Arts Commission facilitates and enriches the production, dissemination and appreciation of the visual art scene in Saudi Arabia.


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Film Commission

The Film Commission strives to facilitate top-level film production addressing the increasing local interest and the international demand.

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Fashion Commission

The Fashion Commission strives to transform the Saudi fashion sector into a regional hub for fashion in terms of production, consumption and the export of its products and services

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Literature, Publishing & Translation Commission

Commission aims to build an engaged society through empowering authorship and increasing readership across community groups.