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Film Commission

Film Commission

The Film Commission strives to facilitate top-level film production addressing the increasing local interest and the international demand.

The Film Commission is establishing a national strategy to support and foster the long-term growth of a sustainable Saudi film industry and cultural sector. This endeavor aims to expand the quality and the quantity of local film production while leveraging existing commercial and creative synergies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Furthermore, the Commission focuses on building an efficient content distribution foundation to offer sales outlets nationally, regionally and globally. In addition, well-structured programs will be conducted to attract and encourage the participation of Saudi talent in the film industry and enable authentic and original storytelling. The Commission will also improve the regulatory framework to make it more credible, consistent and transparent to help facilitate organic and genuine growth.


Will be announced soon.

The Commission aims to regulate and enhance the film space with the support of key stakeholders. It holds an independent supervisory role in this vital cultural sub-sector to ensure the maximum efficiency in achieving the overarching missions incorporated in Saudi Vision 2030.