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Heritage Commission

Heritage Commission

The Heritage Commission aims to create a thriving heritage industry that generates creative locals eligible to partake in national and international events.

The Heritage Commission is establishing a national strategy to preserve and celebrate the diverse elements of the Saudi heritage sector. It is boosting this vital sector by conducting craftsmanship training and development to ensure a continuous and frequent collection of creative talent. The commission eagerly welcomes partnerships with private sectors in order to form strong partnerships that will benefit the dissemination of valuable Saudi heritage internationally through global events. Such collaborations will shed the light on this field, which will help in raising public awareness throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. All of these determined and coordinated efforts are undertaken, in addition to the Commission’s own funding schemes relating to grassroots efforts leveraging the creative output of the Saudi heritage world.


Will be announced soon.

The Heritage Commission aims to regulate and enhance the heritage sector with the support of key stakeholders. It holds  an independent supervisory role in this vital cultural sub-sector to ensure the maximum  efficiency in achieving the overarching missions incorporated in Saudi Vision 2030.